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"Gimme Shelter" starring Vanessa Hudgens at AMC theaters January 24

Gimme Shelter, a Ronald Krauss film starring Vanessa Hudgens playing the role of Agnes "Apple Bailey, a 16 year old girl who becomes pregnant and homeless. Apple is not able to find solace with her drug addicted mother, estranged father or in the numerous foster homes for the last eight years of being in the foster care system. Chicago area AMC theaters is showing this film. Check local theaters for additional showings.

Gimme shelter, an all star cast of Vanessa Hudgens, Rosario Dawson, James Earle Jones, Brendon Fraser, is in theaters January 24, 2014, Check your local theaters for show times.  AMC Loews theaters is carrying this independent film.
Starring Vanessa Hudgens, written and directed by Ronald Krauss

This story, Gimmie Shelter, is a straight forward look into the life of a girl trying to grab hold of life but gets kicked down every time she gets a tiny slice of normal. The character Agnes "Apple" Bailey is actually a compilation of many girl's stories. Directer Ronald Krauss spent a year in the Several Sources Shelter for women and children founded by Kathy DiFiore to better understand the plight of women and girls on the brink of falling off the cliff of life.

Krauss tells of the physical and emotional struggle young women make daily when it comes to deciding what to do when you get pregnant and have no place to go or person to turn to for help. The story is not just pro-life. Its about making a decision to not allow your own hurt make life long decisions for you out of fear. This movie is important. Living on the street is hard by yourself and with a newborn it is even tougher. But, when there is genuine help, resources to help women become self sustaining and prosperous then you have a good program. Krauss pulls this together beautifully writing the story of so many young women and calling them Agnes "Apple" Bailey.

Kathy Difiore began taking in girls into her home in 1981 and has not turn back. Kathy has received many thanks for her efforts from President Reagan to Bill O'Riley to the United Nations. Gimme love, Gimme hope Gimme Shelter, a biography by Kathy Difiore in bookstores February 2014.

Chicago area women's shelters, The Primo Center, 4241 West Washington, Chicago, Illinois,773-722-0544, Deborah’s Place 1532 N. Sedgewick Chicago, IL (312) 944-8810, Maria’s Shelter 7320 S.Yale Chicago, IL 60616 (773) 994-5350 and many more .

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