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Gilligan's Island: Russell Johnson, 'The Professor' dies at 89

Russell Johnson, The Professor

“Gilligan’s Island” star, Russell Johnson – who played “The Professor” on the popular 1960s show – died on Thursday at the age of 89, according to a Yahoo! News report on Thursday. The Gilligan's Island actor passed away at home in Washington state due to natural causes while his wife and daughter were at his side.

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Though Johnson enjoyed his greatest success from 1964 through 1967 when he was on “Gilligan’s Island,” he had many other roles as a character actor. He appeared in Westerns and science fiction movies prior to his fame as Professor Roy Hinkley - “The Professor” on "Gilligan's Island."

Johnson was the last surviving male cast member of “Gilligan’s Island,” as Bob Denver, Jim Backus, and Alan Hale have passed.

Johnson was a decorated World War II veteran who was a bombardier on a B-24 Liberator which was shot down over the Philippines I 1945. Of his many performances, he performed in “Law and Order,” a 1953 movie which starred Ronald Reagan – who became president of the United States.

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