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'Gilligan's Island' Professor, actor Russell Johnson, dies at age 89

Photo of Russell Johnson as Gib Scott from the television program Black Saddle.
Photo by ABC Television via Creative Commons

Russell Johnson, best known as Professor on the classic sitcom “Gilligan’s Island” died on Thursday, Jan. 16, according to a CNN report. Johnson was 89.

Johnson played the role of Professor Roy Hinkley, who was a MacGyver before his time. His scientific procedures were close to getting the rest of the castaways off the island. He was best known to take a coconut and turn it into a radio.

Johnson died at his home where he lived with his wife, Connie. She was at Johnson’s side, along with their daughter, Kimberly. Johnson is also survived by a stepson and a grandson.

Johnson never stopped working. His wife said he worked right up until his death. His death was “unexpected” for his family. He didn’t have issues of any health problems.

The actor was described as a “positive and nice guy” who always treated people with respect.

Johnson also held other iconic roles. He played Marshal Gib Scott in two seasons of “Black Saddle”. He also played a nuclear physicist in the film “This Island Earth”.

Russell Johnson also served his time in the war. He joined the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II.

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