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Gilles Marini dances his way to a Queen Latifah surprise

Switched at Birth” star Gilles Marini popped by “The Queen Latifah” show on Feb. 26 and immediately treated the host to a warm hug and his dazzling dimpled smile.

Actor Gilles Marini is known for his signature sweet smile and overall sunny disposition.
Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

As the audience screamed for the hunky actor, Gilles pointed at Queen Latifah, noting her beauty and claiming to be “starstruck.”

The Queen couldn't resist asking him if he is used to all the screams and the fact the ladies love him, to which Gilles humbly replied, “It’s an honor. Every time it always makes me feel so special and makes me feel like I’m doing something probably right because people like and smile.”

Gilles Marini is known for his exceptional warmth, compassion and humility in spite of his jaw-dropping good looks. He is heavily involved in several charities, with a big focus on cancer awareness, due to losing his father at a young age to the devastating disease.

Queen Latifah noted these character traits saying, “The thing that I noticed about you as soon as I met you was, it wasn't just how handsome you are. I've already seen many pictures of you and I've watched you on television, so, I know that it’s right up under there. What I’m saying is your light shines through. You have such a kindness about you and such a genuine sweetness about you. It’s so cool.”

Speaking of handsome, they looked at the photo Gilles posted on Facebook of his “birthday suit” which was taken to raise awareness for #ManWithCancer by “Cosmopolitan.”

The conversation eventually steered toward Gilles’ unforgettable two-season stint on “Dancing with the Stars” which included a clip for an upcoming “Switched at Birth” episode in which Marlee Matlin’s character Melody is dancing with Gilles’ character Angelo.

Queen Latifah asked Gilles to play the Wheel of Dance game. She spun the wheel and Gilles had to dance whatever the wheel landed on. The first spin yielded the Harlem Shake, the next one was Running Man and the final dance was Disco.

Queen Latifah praised all three dances, noting the Running Man was “probably the smoothest Running Man I have seen in a long [time].” Gilles teased that you had to “incorporate a little bit of passion into it” and said “dancing is like making love.”

Queen Latifah nearly visibly blushed at his comment and after they cozied up a to do disco together, she presented Gilles with the first Queen Latifah Disco Ball. Gilles was surprised and the audience cheered their delight.

Gilles Marini was clearly the DWTS fan favorite and captured the season eight runner up spot to Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson by an extremely narrow margin from sweeping the title. When he returned for the DWTS All-Stars and danced with pro partner Peta Murgatroyd, he left the competition much earlier than expected. His early exit upset his large and loyal fan base as well as many members of the DWTS viewing audience.

Through it all, the ever-charming actor took his time on the popular reality competition in stride, repeatedly emphasizing he was dancing to make his daughter and the viewers happy.

This time, Gilles Marini accepted Queen Latifah’s trophy with a huge, happy grin and we couldn't be more delighted for him.

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