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Giles Panton lands role in season two of ‘Max Steel’

Giles Panton lands role in season two of ‘Max Steel’
Giles Panton

Hot young actor Giles Panton can boast something that most actors only dream of. He has his own action figure. According to Panton, “part I'm geeking out the most about is my 12 inch tall action figure. I love this job!” Panton has landed a role as Ven Ghan who will be introduced in the ‘Max Steel’ Reboot in Season two. His character of Ven Ghan is a tough as nails interstellar Ultralink hunter that apparently comes down to Earth to find Steel. Panton studied acting in New York and already has quite the impressive filmography. No stranger to animated projects, he is loved by anime fans as Commander Keith from ‘Voltron Force.’ He also made a recent splash in the CW ‘Supernatural’ fandom by playing small town cop Deputy Cooper in the episode ‘The Purge.’

EXAMINER: Any idea when fans can expect season two of Max Steel to come out?

PANTON: I've heard rumors it is coming out in April 2014. But I don't know for sure yet. I'm hoping it's soon, ‘because I can't wait to see it. I'm such a cartoon dork....I love them.

EXAMINER: Have you recorded your episodes yet? What's it like doing voice work VS live action?

PANTON: We've finished recording for season two. Now the team gets to spend the next year animating it.

When it comes to voice work vs. live action it is worlds apart. In voice, we're all standing in a half circle in a room with microphones and music stands in front of each us, and we're talking in an assortment of crazy voices which shouldn't be coming out of any of these bodies. And when there's a fight scene in an episode...that's when it gets really interesting. That was the hardest piece for me to learn when I first started cartoons. I kept sounding like I was in a kung-fu movie. I finally got it when I started throwing air punches. So basically during a fight scene involving multiple characters you see a bunch of people air punching who are nowhere near each other and yelling at a music stand in front of them.'s different. For film it's basically how you see it on the screen, only when you record it there are 50 people in the room watching you holding everything from cameras to coffee cups and the monster is just a tennis ball on a stick.

EXAMINER: Can you give my readers some insight in to the animation process?

PANTON: Those animators are so skilled, and work the craziest hours. I've visited Nerd Corps, the main animation studio, and saw how they put some of it together. They were in this huge room with at least 50 computers and animators, which was just one of many rooms filled with computers and animators. It was awe inspiring....and in an eerie way also made me think of that movie 'The Matrix'.

EXAMINER: Do you think Ven-Ghan will become an ally of Max or Steel?

PANTON: Ven Ghan is an interesting character. His home world was destroyed at a young age and he spent his life training to bring his enemies to justice. He has a steely sense of honor, which can be rigid and uncompromising. And once he's set his mind on something it's next to impossible to change it. But underneath it all he still has heart. He has a purpose and drive propelled by the pain of the loss of his loved ones. So...he could become an ally, but Max or Steel would have to do something extraordinary to make that happen.

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