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Gifts of The Art of Shaving for Father’s Day or anytime give guys cause to smile

Head over to your closest Art of Shaving store or shop on line for gifts that bring smiles to guys' faces
Head over to your closest Art of Shaving store or shop on line for gifts that bring smiles to guys' faces
Richard Pietschmann

Talk about a gift that keeps on giving. For a ‘just because I love you’ gift I gave Richard (my husband) a collection of items from the The Art of Shaving and not only is he loving them, he is sporting one of the smoothest, kissable closest shaves ever.

An attractive brush and razor holder and soap in a teak bowl from Art of Shaving
Richard Pietschmann

I was pretty unfamiliar with the products until receiving some of them from the public relations company and then shopping at the Beverly Hills location. They are not only pretty cool, but attractive and luxurious.

So when I first bestowed an Art of Shaving Power Brush upon my mate, he stared at it like it was a mysterious object. “Badger hair,” he said with something like wonder. “I remember my grandfather having a brush that looked like this.” He pushed a button on the side of the motorized brush and it began gently vibrating. “But I don’t remember this.”

In an age when shaving for men has become routine—often a dreaded—my husband was now contemplating the daily grooming routine as comforting ritual. All it took was the shaving set from Gillette’s The Art of Shaving line that came with that badger-hair brush, an ergonomically shaped manual razor—aromatic but masculine soaps set in teak bowls—and an aattractive silver stand to store them both upright. The Sandalwood shaving soap set into a teak bowl completed the picture.

His first time

He wet the brush with some warm water and let the vibrating bristles foam the shaving soap, then ran the brush over his beard, leaving a light lather. This time when he shaved he was smiling. “Feel,” he said. I ran my hand over his smooth face and couldn’t believe how baby soft his skin felt. I smiled, too.

Art of Shaving shops and online sites also carry fragrances, a fabulous Bergamot oil hair gel and shampoos, combs, conditioners, and gift sets. Introduce your man to the Art of Shaving he will thank you for it and you will appreciate his soft, kissable skin. Of course if you’re a guy reading this then you know what to do and she (or he) will also love you more for it.

The Art of Shaving Beverly Hills is located at 9520 Brighton Way, 424-777-4140.