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Gifts for the modern mom

A fun iPhone case from Agent 18
A fun iPhone case from Agent 18

Today’s mom might bake cookies, but she also might be the CEO of an engineering company.
The young mothers of today are as adept at navigating a major air terminal as they are at navigating the aisles of a supermarket. The traditional gifts of flowers, candy, and jewelry are still appreciated, especially hi-quality bling. Computerized bling might be more representative of the lifestyle of the modern mom. There are watches, necklaces, and a variety of computer gadgets that monitor almost every physical activity from awaking up to sleeping.

Cell phones and iPads, just as the clothes we wear are an expression of ourselves. They have become more than a utilitarian necessity. They are a fashion accessory. It is easy to turn a plain looking cell phone or iPad into a fashion statement. Agent 18 makes covers that are functional and stylist. No matter if your individual fashion style is traditional, sporty, feminine, creative, or dramatic Agent 18 has a case for you. The company has a trade in program that allows replacement of an old case for a new one. What more could a chic geek ask for – style, function, quality and ecomony.

Modern moms can be fashionistas and chic geeks.