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Gift your grandchildren a life-lessons legacy in your own words

Leaving a life-lessons legacy for your grandchildren

By the time you reach Grandparenthood, it’s natural to start thinking about leaving a legacy for future generations. Beyond monetary assets, you have by this time amassed a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to pass on to your grandchildren.

I loved and benefited from my own grandparents’ warmth and wisdom. Some advice was bitter, some of it was sweet, but it was always dished out with love and in more than ample proportion, like Bubbie’s food. “Eat! Eat! It’s good for you!”

I remember very clearly my grandfather’s own words of wisdom, “Be happy and thankful for what you have. You can always have less.” These words were a gift that helped shape my life and in an age where “too much is never enough”, an important message to share.

An Irish grandfather’s final letter of advice to his grandchildren was recently re-posted by Huffington Post. His words of wisdom ring strong and true and touch the heart. Take a moment to read it.

There is also a list of life lessons authored by Regina Brett, 45 Lessons and 5 to Grow On that I can envision my own grandmother saying at one time or another.

Grandchildren are a gift beyond measure. Why not sit down and write you own list or letter to them, while you still have the gift of memory?

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