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Gift idea: birthday rings

Birthday ring with figurines
Birthday ring with figurines

Everybody loves a Hawaiian first-birthday luau! They're a great reason to come together and celebrate the tiniest loved one in your life. But it's hard to give gifts at this age: many families already have too many toys, tons of clothes, and not enough space. For a creative gift that can be used for years to come, try a wooden birthday ring (from $19 and up on Wooden Wagon) by Spiel und Holz

A birthday ring has holes that can accommodate candles or ornaments. Each year an additional candle can be added, or a single number can be placed in the center of the ring. Ornaments can be customized for each child. For example, a winter baby born on the mainland but who moved to Hawaii before the age of two might have a ring with two candles, figurines that represent people dressed for winter, and a palm tree ornament for their second birthday decorations. There's no end to the permutations and small children will love seeing the colorful display just for them--not to mention hearing their special birth story and why each ornament is unique to them.

The high-quality and vibrant ornaments are often made of wood, making them sturdy and special pieces that will withstand playing and years of celebrations. Adding on to the birthday ring can become a part of a child's birthday tradition and will create family memories to pass to the next generation. While these can be an investment, it's definitely worthwhile if you want a creative gift that will take a special place in a child's heart!

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