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Gift guides for gadget lovers

Well, Black Friday has come and gone, and Cyber Monday is upon us.  For most, though, this is just the beginning of the holiday shopping season.  And if you're inclined to put more thought into your gift giving, you may want to do some online research before making your gift purchases this year--especially if your loved ones are hoping to receive some gadgetry from you this season.  Luckily, there are several websites that compile great year-end gift guides and other tools to make your shopping experience that much easier.

To start, the Christmas section of Target's website has several ways to search for presents.  You can sort gifts by age, gender, price, and personality type.  Personality types include "Gadget Guru" for Dad and "Techie Girl" for Tween Girls, thereby helping you find an age-appropriate gift. 

Tech & gadget blog Gizmodo has several laser-specific gift guides for every personality type, ranging from "Passive Aggressive Gifts for Geeks Who Are Late to Everything" and "Car Gifts Too Dangerous to Actually Use While Driving," to "Gifts for Apple Haters."  They also have several general (and less sardonic) guides to cameras, HDTVs, smartphones, and and gaming PCs.  Gizmodo has compiled all their gift guides here.

There are several other tech-related gift guides available on other sites as well.  Engadget has gift guides for eBook readers, GPS devices, cell phones, netbooks, accessories and toys. The mobile-focused site BGR has their own gift guide for mobile phones.  Finally, Crunchgear has its own host of gift guides available, including one dedicated to peripherals.

If your loved ones aren't fans of gadgetry, however, stay tuned.  More gift guides and ideas will be posted soon.