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Gift Guide for Your Active Man- Part 2

So the holidays are HERE. It is crunch time and a great time to find some steals for the man in your life. Whether it's your boyfriend, husband, nephew, son, or father I have the gift that will make him smile. And it will make you smile when you buy it because of the economical cost!

For the husband/boyfriend/lover:

Get a present that you can do together, whether its a class in something he has expressed interest in, or a ticket to a local concert, or a coupon for a future romantic meal; make it something that will create a lasting memory. For some wonderful and affordable classes check out the Brookline Adult Education schedule for their spring class selection. Also sign up for Groupon and get daily specials for your city, deals on restaurants, gyms, and great stores.

For your son/nephew:

Encourage the young boys in your life to be ACTIVE this winter instead of spending all their time on the sofa. Make playing outside fun even in the cold with snowshoes, sleds, and of course all the right warm weather layers. Check out REI for their annual sale on shoeshows, and EMS for their great sale on all insultated winter clothing.

For your father/grandpa/boss:

This is a great chance to show the older men in your life that you recognize they still have a lot of life in them. For these men it might be nice to get them an action camera to encourage them to document their adventures, or an inspiring read such as Born to Run, or you can get them a workout DVD to try in their home so they dont have to worry about the younger muscle men showing them up at the gym! Let them know they are still your number one!

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