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Gift Card or Cash? Thoughts to consider

So 2014 is here, and you're still working your way through your wallet or purse to find all those gift cards you were given during the holiday season.

Join the club. I think I have finally spent all of mine.

While venturing to the Walmart, Target and Farm Fresh I began to think about this investment. If I was doing this, everyone else was too. Is this really an ideal gift?

I think it's a toss up. Maybe you know that person's favorite store, or you may feel its safer. Consider what I've thought on this subject:

  1. Do the people go to the stores I'm getting their gift cards from? Believe it or not, a lot of people do not think about that. Please keep that in mind when you're giving that McDonald's gift card only to discover they love Burger King or Tropical Smoothie.
  2. Will I be sending this person on a financial scavenger hunt? As mentioned before, make sure you know they don't mind visiting the shops you're sending them to in order to spend the gift cards. Better yet, will they have the time to venture to all these stores? You know your friends, family, shop accordingly.
  3. Am I getting gift cards that match their personality? Sometimes it's the best policy to find a nice Visa gift card, which can be used anywhere.

And even though cash is always good, should you have to go the gift card route, think your plans through before you purchase.

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