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Gibson domestic violence charges involving Grigorieva imminent

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Mel Gibson is expected to be charged with domestic violence for an incident last year involving the mother of his new baby, Oksana Grigorieva. Radar Online is reporting the Mad Max star had his lawyer meet with the LA District Attorney and she was unable to convince them to not go ahead with the charges.

Photos of Grigorieva with bruising and a broken front tooth veneer surfaced onto online tabloids at the same time audio tapes of a raging and threatening Gibson flooded the net. Stories surfaced that Gibson and Grigorieva had been in negotiations to settle their domestic issues with their lawyers.

Grigorieva was rumored to have been offered $15 million dollars but would have to remain silent on domestic issues and give up certain custody rights of their baby daughter. Grigorieva called off the negotiations and eventually filed a report with the LA police accusing Gibson of domestic violence. In what seemed to be a unusual legal move, Gibson's lawyers went to the LA police accusing Grigorieva of extortion.

While Grigorieva's media moves and long list of ex-lawyers have made her look unreliable the story she was telling about her plight was compelling. She was up against a rich and powerful actor who would go to great lengths to protect his reputation. Grigorieva maintained she was the victim of domestic violence and had been railroaded into money negotiations to keep Gibson's violence a secret.

When a police report surfaced that Gibson had admitted to slapping Grigorieva on the night in question, it seemed to reveal a glimmer of truth to her story. Grigorieva has insisted she was going public with her story to protect her child from the possibility of being exposed to more violence in the future. Grigorieva has insisted Gibson is mentally unstable and in the latest shocking revelation accused him of violence during sex.

There is no word yet on whether or not Grigorieva will be charged with extortion but an earlier TMZ story reveals the charges are not likely as the negotiations were done with lawyers on both sides.


  • Tara 3 years ago

    I like to think of ROL as Oksana’s personal spin machine–they love her leaks and happily print whatever her team tells them as long as ROL gets something to say. But D.A. Cooley said today that they have NOT made a decision about whether to file charges against Mel as they are not yet finished investigating Oksana. If she is found to have tried to extort him, then she is not a credible witness and charges against Mel may never happen.