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Giants, Jets, and Amtrak: Every football and rail fan's dream ticket

With a smorgasbord of onboard amenities, Amtrak is the key to a successful Giants and Jets fan's road trip.
With a smorgasbord of onboard amenities, Amtrak is the key to a successful Giants and Jets fan's road trip.
Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

It is August, and once again that time has arrived. The train has arrived, and so has football arrived. There is no better traveling occasion than local fans taking the train to see their team play on the "road". In the world of football, there are no better fans than the New York Giants and New York Jets fans. The Giants and Jets fans share one major advantage in common. Both teams each have two division rivals which are conveniently accessible by Amtrak. With the 2014 NFL football season quickly approaching, it is time to dig out the game day gear, and break out the engineer hat. Without a doubt, there is no better combination than steel rails and the gridiron.

Taking the train to a New York Giants or New York Jets road game is extremely easy. New York Giants and New York Jets fans have waited since December for this time of year to arrive. As the two teams are getting back in shape at training camp, so must the fans get into shape for following their team on the "road". Football is a great sport. Taking the train can't be a better way to arrive at the game in style. The Giants' two hottest rivals for this season can't be anyone else but the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins. The Eagles are hoping to make a push for the Super Bowl after winning the 2013 NFC East title. The Redskins are hoping to bounce back from one of their worst seasons in franchise history. For the Giants fans, none of that hype matters. The Giants fans cannot have an easier way to get to and from the game. Taking a train to the game features just as much hype as Super Bowl XLVIII being known as the "Transit Bowl".

Philadelphia and Washington, DC are dually served by Amtrak. Amtrak offers both Northeast Regional and Acela Express service. Amtrak's Northeast Regional trains feature Business Class and Coach Class. Business Class is approximately thirty dollars each direction per passenger. Along with their ticket, passengers are allowed one free non-alcoholic beverage from the cafe car. Passengers must present their Business Class ticket to the cafe car attendant.

Coach Class includes the Quiet Car. There is no additional charge for traveling in the Quiet Car. Passengers are encouraged to keep their voices down, and silence their cell phones, or just set them to vibrate. It must feel great going to the game, or bragging about a big win on the road, but it is in good sportsmanship to refrain from all loud trash talk. The most convenient service on board any Amtrak train is the E-ticket. Passengers can have their tickets emailed and print them out on their home computer. Passengers must carry the printout in both directions. On board, a crew member scans the QR code on the ticket printout. It is easy as an interception.

Once New York Giants fans arrive at the majestic 30th Street Station in Philadelphia or Washington, DC's iconic Union Station, the excitement beings. Seeking out mass transit connections to the game is as easy as a scamper toward the end zone. At Washington DC's Union Station, fans are to take the Metro subway. Union Station is located on the red line. Fans are to transfer to the orange line at Metro Center. Once aboard the orange line, fans are to disembark at Landover. Landover is the hometown of FedEx Field, the Washington Redskins' stadium. When visiting Philadelphia, fans are to take the SEPTA subway from 30th Street to 15th Street, where they'll transfer to the Broad Street Line. The AT&T Sports/Entertainment Complex, including Lincoln Financial Field, is at the end of the line. What's easier, the train ride or stopping the opponent on a pivotal 4th down?

The New York Jets have two rivals of their own. Every year, it seems as that the two rivalries are more heated than the year before. The New York Jets' two arch rivals are the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills. This year, it is predicted that there will be a shift in power in the AFC East. For New York Jets fans, taking the train to face either one of these rivals can't be a better treat. The closest station when visiting Foxboro, MA, the home of Gillette Stadium and the New England Patriots, is Boston South Station. South Station is served by Amtrak and the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority). Upon arrival at Boston South Station, fans can take a special MBTA train to Foxboro via the Forge Park Line. A variety of hotels are available in the Boston suburbs. Fans can ride the "T" subway to and from the downtown area. If the suburbs aren't of interest, fans can stay in more upscale hotels downtown. The hotels in downtown Boston may be a bit more expensive, but it's all for the love of the game.

The one train ride which New York Jets fans would very well appreciate is traveling to Buffalo. Buffalo may be a long and anticipatory eight hour ride, but the trip is the most exciting. Once again, Amtrak delivers in the clutch. New York Jets fans can choose either the Empire Service, Lake Shore Limited (to Chicago), or the Maple Leaf (to Toronto). The recommended station for New York Jets fans to disembark at is Buffalo's Depew station. Coach Class and Business Class are available on the Empire Service and Maple Leaf. Just as visiting Boston, Jets fans are encouraged to stay at a hotel in downtown Buffalo.

To those New York Giants and New York Jets fans who are Amtrak Guest Rewards members and Amtrak Guest Rewards Mastercard holders, the journey is even more pleasurable. Amtrak Guest Rewards members earn free Amtrak travel by having their membership ID number attached to their reservations. Amtrak Guest Rewards Mastercard holders earn two points per each dollar spent on Amtrak travel, and one point per dollar spent on all other purchases. Amtrak Guest Rewards Mastercard members can also earn points by booking hotel rooms with any hotel in the Amtrak Guest Rewards partnership network. Further information is available at

When it comes to football, there's tailgating, wearing a favorite team's colors, cheerleaders, and of course...the battle for bragging rights. When we add the excitement of train travel to football, a whole other picture is painted. The ability to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery racing past the window cannot be more appreciated. New York Giants and New York Jets fans are blessed with the joy of having two arch rivals and having no better way to follow their team on the road than Amtrak. Whether the game is in Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Buffalo, or Foxboro, the train is every New York Giants and New York Jets fan's choice to get there. As a new season awaits, there can't be a better time to start making road game plans. Both the Giants and the Jets are predicted to have winning seasons this year. If fans want to follow their winning team, they'd might as well ride with a winning team.

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