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Giant squid influx seen as 'omen' by Japan's fishermen

Giant squid showing up in frequently where they were once a rare sight has fishermen in Japan calling this an "omen."
Giant squid showing up in frequently where they were once a rare sight has fishermen in Japan calling this an "omen."
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

The increasing numbers of large squid being caught off the coast of Japan has Japanese fishermen wondering if this is an omen. Veteran fisherman have never seen or heard of so many giant squid being snagged and pulled in with nets, according to The Independent on Feb. 20.

In the beginning of January two giant squids were caught on separate occasions off the port of Toyama Prefectue and Sado Island. Three giant squid measuring between 10 feet and 13 feet long were also brought into the ports of Sado and Himi in January.

A giant squid that was caught off the shoreline of Iwami, a town in Tottori Prefechure, had two of its longest tentacles missing. This squid could have been as long as 27 feet if the tentacles were intact.

These reports of giant squid doesn't stop here as other areas, such as Sadogashima Island also report that a fisherman caught a giant squid. While fisherman are wondering if the sudden influx of the giant squid is an omen of something coming, scientist have a theory for these giant creatures suddenly appearing in abundance.

Squad like the cold water and they are usually found deep below the surface, at about 200 feet. At this depth the water is about 7C or about 45 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for these creatures. The water temperature at that level off the coast of Japan has dropped to about 4C this year, which is about 39 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a bit nippy for the squid.

One of the theories is that the squid came closer to the surface looking for warmer water where they would be in reach of the fishermen’s nets. They also said the fish came up closer to the surface and “were unable to stay buoyant and the winds swept them towards the beaches."

The Daily Record reports that the biggest giant squid ever caught on record was recorded back in 1966 in the waters off the Bahamas. That squid measured 14 meters long, which is about 46 feet. That is one big giant squid!

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