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Giant sinkhole in Russia opens in rush-hour traffic

You’ve got to watch where you’re going driving at all times these days, literally. The never-ending, always amazing, sinkhole sage is much, much worse. On Thursday, a giant sinkhole opened in Russia, right in the middle of rush hour traffic.

Giant sinkhole opens in rush-hour traffic in Russia

Drivers in the town of Tyumen, Siberia in Russia narrowly escaped a giant sinkhole that opened, spread, and dropped, right in the the middle of a busy road loaded with cars. The sinkhole opened slowly right under under moving traffic.

Cars can be seen passing directly over it as it slowly begins to sink. The driver of a hatchback was nearly swallowed. One little black car was trapped in its lane of traffic, as no one would let it out of the lane with the sinkhole. Fortunately, someone let the car cut in seconds before the road completely collapsed.

Slowly, very slowly, traffic around it came to a halt, and the little black car escaped with only seconds to spare, as the slump in the road morphed into a giant sinkhole.

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