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Giant ring around the sun: NASA explains giant ring seen in sky

A giant ring around the sun has been explained by NASA. According to My FOX Orlando, people in the area looked up at the sky on Wednesday afternoon and saw a perfect ring around the sun. Curious, FOX viewers sent messages and photos of the strange ring, asking questions and seeking answers. Fortunately, there was a perfect explanation for what people had been seeing. The ring was caused by ice in the upper atmosphere.

"Ice crystals bend direct sunlight, projecting it elsewhere into the sky, and at a certain angle – specifically 22 degrees – a halo can be seen around the sun," NASA explained (via My FOX Orlando).

The giant ring around the sun wasn't visible for very long. The ring -- also called a "22-degree halo," "icebow," and "gloriole" -- was gone just a couple of hours after it first appeared. The "halo" was a perfect circle (or at least that's how it appeared) which is really made people curious. Sometimes, people even think this is a "rainbow" around the sun.

Since there have been a lot of rare things happening in the sky this week (like Tuesday's blood moon), people seem to be really interested in what's going on "up there". And, if you didn't know that a ring around the sun can occur, now you do -- and if you see it in the future, you can flex your smart muscle and show off to those around you.

More on the giant ring around the sun can be learned by watching the video above.

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