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Giant octopus: Mystery octopus transport brings gridlock to London rush hour

A giant octopus transport turns London rush hour into nightmare for commuters.
A giant octopus transport turns London rush hour into nightmare for commuters.

A giant octopus on the back of a flatbed truck, or what the folks from across the pond call a "lorry," tied up traffic in London as commuters were bewildered as to what was going on with this giant creature. The octopus was on its way to a secret location to appear in a film, but what film and the location was kept under wraps.

According to The Independent on June 3, the truck broke down across a few lanes of traffic at Oxford Circus. The octopus offered the morning commuters a surreal sight and for those who didn't have their coffee, or tea yet, this could have been one of those sights where you find yourself rubbing your eyes in bewilderment.

The polystyrene octopus is reportedly owned by the bookmaker Betfair who reported that it was lending it out to a movie location. It was on its way there when the truck carrying the eight legged sea creature came to a screeching halt in the middle of the morning rush hour.

The Metro reports today that onlookers were baffled when they saw what it was that turned the morning rush hour into chaos. It is a sight to see, but not when you are in a hurry to get to work!

It didn't take long for folks on the social networks to start posting about the sea creature holding up traffic. One Twitter user warned to "approach with care." The truck transport company carrying the giant octopus thought that the creature might have something to do with the world cup.

While it was supposedly on its way to a movie location, it was still vague as to where this eight legged giant was really going and it sounds like it started a bit of a mystery. Tourists in London got a chance to take pictures of something different and something not usually seen on London streets or American streets for that matter.

By mid-morning the pictures of the octopus in Oxford Circus were plentiful online. Think about how small the world is getting. It was just a few decades ago that you relied on radio to give you traffic jam locations and that was only locally. Today you know in real time when there's a traffic jam halfway around the world thanks to social networks!

The owner of the octopus jumped on Twitter to apologize for the gridlock his sea creature's transport caused. It was a cute creature, as seen above. It wasn't something scary, but it was baffling for sure!

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