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Giant Mother's Day show features not just your ordinary puppets


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Celebrate Mother’s Day this year with something a little different. For the past four years, the StoneLion Puppet Theatre has been introducing Kansas City to some of the largest puppet shows in the country with the oversized actors that are 12’ to 85’ in size. The Giant Blue Heron is enormous, standing nearly 16 feet tall. It’s so large, in fact, it has to be operated by two puppeteers. StoneLion’s shows include marionettes, masks, and a variety of other types of puppets.

They are currently preparing the next giant puppet show with their production of The Pirates of Pollution. It’s not difficult to imagine what the premise is behind its eco-friendly message. This year’s focus is on clean water. In the same spirit, they will pay homage to Mother Earth on this Mother’s Day by floating giant puppets down Brush Creek. Pre-show will be performed by Jim Cosgrove as Mr.Stinky Feet, the hugely popular children’s act.

The event is this Sunday (May 9, 2010 - 1:30 p.m.) at the Brush Creek Ampitheater in Theis Park at Cleaver II Blvd and Oak (near 47th street on the Country Club Plaza). It is free to the public and is sure to make an impression as one of the events that is talked about for years to come.

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