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Giant mako shark: Man stuffs possible world record shark into back of truck

Giant mako shark
Giant mako shark
Earnie Polk

A Florida man reeled in an 11-foot, 805-pound mako shark from the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and decided to stuff it into the back of his pickup truck. GrindTV reported on April 20, 2014, that Joey Polk was casually photographed at a gas station with the possible world record shark sitting in the back of his truck as he was fueling up.

Could this mako shark be a world record?
Earnie Polk

Polk, of Milton, FL, was said to have spent about an hour trying to reel in the giant mako shark this past Tuesday night. It was said that he often had 900 yards of line pulled out of his reel.

He had no plans of giving up before the shark was brought into his clutches.

"She was pulling line out of my reel at easily 60 miles and hour. We call that 'smokin' the drag' round here," said Polk who already holds one land-based shark fishing record.

"(The reel) has 60 pounds of drag on it, it's amazing that these fish can pull it out," Polk said, adding that a person can barely pull out the line by hand.

"When I saw it, I knew it was a big fish. I've been fishing since I was a little kid, but I thought it was maybe 700 pounds or so, then when we weighed it, it came in at 805! It was amazing," said Polk.

Polk said that he already knew some of the facts about mako sharks and that they can swim up to speeds of 60 miles per hour. After wrestling one into his clutches, he believes it.

The previous land-based shark fishing record is held by Earnie Polk, Joey's cousin. Earnie Polk caught a 674-pound mako shark back in 2009, and Joey Polk's shark outweighs his cousin's by over 230 pounds.

Joey Polk's largest catch ever was another world record he set back in 2010 when he caught a 949-pound tiger shark.

Most of the sharks caught by the Polk family are released, but he said they usually only "bring in the ones too injured to swim away." Joey Polk did keep the giant mako shark though and the family had a great feast after it was brought home, cleaned, and cut.

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