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Giant jellyfish Australia: 5-ft jellyfish found belly-up on Australia beach

A giant jellyfish in Australia is making news around the globe. On Feb. 6, BBC News reported that the giant jellyfish -- measuring five feet in diameter -- washed up on a beach in Tasmania. Scientists haven't seen anything like it before. although they knew that this sort of creature existed. They are now working diligently to classify the species.

"These jellyfish 'look like a dinner plate with a mop hanging underneath - they have a really raggedy look to them,'" explained jellyfish expert Dr. Gershwin. The jellyfish was found belly up by a family walking the beach.

The giant jellyfish found in Australia isn't the largest of its kind, however. While the photo of the creature is indeed massive, it doesn't beat its relative, the Cyanea Arctica. This type of jellyfish can grow to be 10-feet in diameter!

Recently, jellyfish have become more plentiful in the waters of Tasmania and while researchers aren't exactly sure why that is, they welcome the growth. They are, however, studying the species in depth to try and learn why more and more jellies are popping up. Some of these species are dangerous but the report did not say if the large jellyfish that washed up on shore was a threat to humans.

The giant jellyfish in Australia has been called a "truly magnificent animal" by Dr. Gershwin. She says that she looks forward to learning more about this particular species.

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