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Giant jellyfish in Australia: Belly-up jellyfish part of mysterious surge

A giant jellyfish that was found stranded belly-up on a beach in Australia really is a magnificent creature and one that's such a new discovery that scientists have yet to name the species. According to the BBC News on Feb. 6, It's a mystery as to why a surge of giant jellyfish is suddenly observed in the southern waters of Australia.

Giant jellyfish Australia: This giant creature was found by a family along a beach in Australia.
YouTube screen shot

This jellyfish, which is about five-feet round, was found by a family walking the beach and they stopped and took pictures of the stranded creature. The very ragged look of its circular shape is not due to some type of injury, this is the natural look of this type of jellyfish.

The family alerted the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) to their discovery. Dr. Lisa-ann Gershwin of CSIRO said that the organization has been aware of these giant jellyfish for a while, but they haven't named them yet.

Gershwin describes the specimen as "a truly magnificent animal." The family that found the jellyfish sent a photo of the creature to the organization and it caused quite the stir as the scientist were amazed by the image.

These jellyfish look "raggedy" and are in the shape of a "dinner plate" with a "mop hanging underneath," said Greshwin, who was describing the sea creature. The scientists are anxious to know more about these giant creatures.

The video above describes other large jellyfish that have washed up on shore in Australia recently. These jellyfish, the ones in the video, have enough venom to kill 60 people each. That is one creature you don't want to swim into while in the water.

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