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Giant hole at 'world's end' discovered: What caused this Siberian crater?

There is a giant hole at the “world's end,” a barren area in Siberia, that has scientists perplexed. The discovery was made by helicopter pilots as they flew over the Yamal peninsula, and the video they took of the mysterious area definitely has people buzzing.

What caused a giant hole at Siberia's 'world's end'?
Screencap via video

"The Telegraph" shares that the giant hole at the Siberian area often said to be “the end of the world” is about 150 to 600 feet across. The area is, for the most part, a fairly barren and bleak tundra so this bizarre hole most definitely stands out. Because there is no official explanation as of yet for what created the hole, speculation has run wild.

At this point people are speculating possibilities of all kinds. Some think it may have been a gas explosion, others ponder the possibility of a meteor hit and of course there are those who ponder some sort of extraterrestrial presence. It seems experts have determined that the giant hole at the world's end could not have been created by a meteor. There are reindeer herders and oil workers in the area who surely would have noticed such an event, experts believe.

Of course there is the theory that the giant hole is a hoax of some sort as well, and these days that possibility most definitely should be considered. As entertaining as it may be to try to figure this mystery out, it seems some believe the explanation is far more ordinary. Some experts have noted that apparently pressure from meltwater often builds under the tundra during the summer, and the pressure can create mounds that later explode.

Universe Today notes that a team of researchers are headed to the area of the giant hole at the “world's end” to investigate the large crater. While there are definitely some fascinating ideas about what could have caused the crater, it is looking most likely that an underground explosion due to gas, salt and water combining, is the culprit. Experts seem to believe the crater has been there for some time, but it just was not discovered until recently.

While it is entertaining to speculate about possibilities such as aliens or meteors, it seems experts believe global warming and local elements are behind this interesting and unusual crater. The area has a number of gas pipelines running through it, and it seems likely that the giant hole at the “world's end” was caused by an unsettling mixture of elements rather than something more mysterious.

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