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Siberian sinkhole: Mysterious 260-foot sinkhole in Arctic ice baffling experts

A very big and deep hole has appeared out of nowhere in Siberia, smack dab in the center of the place they call "the end of the world." Scientists are baffled and already the UFO and weapons testing theories have bubbled up online regarding this hole, according to USA Today on July 16.

What made this giant hole in the icy ground in Siberia? This hole has scientists baffled today.
YouTube screen shot

A video of the 260-foot wide hole has people all over the world infatuated with this new discovery. Scientist say that it is definitely not made from a meteor, but all they can do is venture a guess as to what might have caused this almost perfectly formed round hole.

As you can see from the video above, the hole looks as if it were drilled by a giant drill bit. One working theory is that the permafrost melted in that area, building up pressure and causing a hole to pop, much like opening up a bottle of champagne when the pressure causes the cork to blow off.

As The Huffington Post reports today, that nobody can explain why this giant hole has formed in Siberia. Dr. Chris Fogwill, a polar scientist at the University of New South Wales in Australia, said the hole could be the remnants of a pingo, which is found in the Artic and subarctic regions. It is a heap of Earth-covered ice and if it was large enough, but then it melted, it could have potentially created a giant hole.

The chances of an ancient virus being let go into the atmosphere by the melting permafrost is making a bit of a buzz online today, but that is a one far-fetched theory. Since the hole is located about 20 miles from Russia's Bovanenkovo gas field, it could be a natural build-up of gas that blew. The depth of this hole is not known yet, but as soon as the scientist investigating this hole arrive on location, the world should get a better idea on its depth rather than just "deep."

This gas build-up theory suggests the permafrost was thin due to melting and the gas blew a hole up to the surface. While a possibility, there is no evidence to suggest that this is the case, so for now this continues to baffle the scientists.

Did a UFO land at the end of the world and burrow its way into the ice? For sure there are plenty of UFO enthusiasts who would like to examine this hole.

A team of scientists have been deployed to Siberia to take samples and analyze this hole, they are due to arrive sometime today. The hole is almost perfectly formed and it has created quite the global mystery today so people will be enthused to hear what this group of scientists find. Can't you just see a giant worm-like monster emerge from that hole and scientists fleeing the area on snow mobiles? Wasn't that a scene in a science fiction movie?

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