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Giant crack: Earth crack'n up? Mysterious Mexico crack opens up, residents upset

A giant crack in northwest Mexico’s rural farmland has stunned scientists and left residents concerned about a potential impending earthquake. Taken via a drone last week, the footage shows a 25-foot deep crack, approximately one kilometer long, that separated Highway 26 from the northern areas of the country.

Writes SkyNews, via Yahoo: “The footage was shot by a drone flying along the length of the trench, which is up to five meters (16ft) across. Farm workers and vehicles have been forced to go around the area due to the unstable ground. Another crack was reported to have opened near Highway 4 in the same area.”

The trench is causing puzzlement and concern. Some speculate that an earthquake along the 800-mile San Andreas Fault may have been the cause, though geological teams have not indicated any recently recorded seismic event in the area. Geologists at the University of Sonora have theorized that a collapsed underground stream, inadvertently created by farmers, may be the cause.

Writes Traveler’s Today:

Apparently, the geologists found that farmers in the area had built up a homemade levee stream in order to contain rainwater, which had begun to leak. Experts said this may have caused an underground stream to develop, which in turn softened the earth above it until it collapsed.

The area has since been restricted to vehicles due to the unstable ground near the collapse.

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