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Ghrelin, sleep, hunger, and fat

REnew, rest, and play
REnew, rest, and play
Mary MacIntyre

Know your shape changers. The following information might add to your increasing frustration or might help you create new strategies to manage your body weight. Remember you are perfectly ok the way you are. Embrace loving your self now. All else may be helpful in charting a path that increases happiness, energy, and well being. Note: even if you attain your "ideal" weight, you may find that old ghosts about self image, food, and self esteem may still haunt you.

Hence losing weight alone seldom meets the deep inner hunger of one's soul. We live in an exciting time, on a wonder filled planet called earth. Our love is needed more now than ever. Practice moving into spaces of love, acceptance, compassion, and gratitude. This means for yourself as well as others. Meditate, walk, breath, pray, write verse. All will you heal and rejoice. This said, now on to the hormonal stage.

Grehlin, the hunger hormone, works harder when we do not get enough sleep. In addition, lack of sleep slows metabolism rate so that fewer calories are burned. All the good work completed during the day with proper diet, exercise, and metabolism building can be compromised by not enough rest. Add a dose of stress, overworked adrenals, and other hormone related imbalances, and your body eagerly, as instructed will add fat.

3 ways to improve sleep:

1) Write in a gratitude journal before you go to bed.
2) Mix powdered magnesium into hot water and drink before you go to bed.
3) Take supplements that support the adrenal glands during the day.
4) Take short naps as needed.

These low cost approaches all help the mind and body relax. Magnesium also assists the brain produce seratonin which helps with sleep. We do not need to have perfect sleep to lose weight, however getting more sleep can make your entire life run easier.

Visiting the Santa Fe Farmers Market is a great way to find natural herbal remedies to help with sleep and weight loss. Pick up great food too.

In Santa Fe NM, contact Cat at Natural Grocers for a free nutritional consultation.

Congratulations, nothing dramatic has happened yet, and you wake up hungry. Waking up hungry is a good thing, your body is doing its job. Now, you may have heard that eating protein in the first 30 minutes will help. Have protein sources prepared the night before so you can eat and run if necessary. Add to your breakfast fat. Fish oil, flax oil or cod liver oil are few options. However have some fun: homemade chicken soup, an Asian vegetable soup with coconut oil or milk. or butter on eggs. On the run? Stop at Santa Fe's Horseman's Cafe for an affordable and hearty breakfast. These combinations will reduce hunger cravings later, help you feel satiated now and later. Plus it is fun and tastes good. (Do not worry, fat is good for you. It also signals the body that you have enough so the body doesn't need to make even more for now.)

More news soon about your happier body and weight management.


Ghrelin, sleep, hunger, and fat


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