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Ghoulish right strikes again and strikes out

talks much-says nothing
talks much-says nothing
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The latest attempt by the extreme right to try and change the will of the American people has flopped. The state of lunacy, otherwise known as Arizona, tried via their freaky legislature to pass a bill that would have given business owners the right to refuse service to gays. They tried to dress this up as a "religious freedom" attempt, but most of America saw right through the thin membrane of hate that is the foundation of the extreme rightwing. I love watching these dimwitted extremists try to take over legislatures and other political bodies like congress. I have to give them credit though because the Tea Party crowd was quick when it came to voting in a sizable bloc of like-minded zanies once they put together their political entity. That wasn't as tough as it sounds though since there is a sizable amount of white people in America who are quite scared of people of color. Once Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, it didn't take much time for that crowd to come together and vote for as many people as possible to try and block everything this black man tried to do. It has hurt America overall, but that doesn't bother this crowd. It's all about them.

The right has their heroes and they are quite the neanderthals.Ted Nugent is their idea of a rock star. This low-life hillbilly who couldn't play music if his life depended on it (try listening to "Cat Scratch fever"). His latest attempt at public discourse was calling President Obama, a "mutant mongrel". he should know something about mongrels and mutants-he comes from a family of them. Look at the crowd of people who would actually go see this dullard perform: it's like a cross-breeding convention. His quote came via a Dallas talk radio show (I know-Dallas and right-wing talk radio is redundant).Their other hero now includes the wealthy "birther", Donald Trump. He hosted a rightwing bash at his Florida mansion recently as a fund raiser for the Palm Beach County Republican Party. When you think of Palm Beach-you think of millionaires: they could only raise $90K, and that was a sold out event! The marquee star of the night was their latest version of Joe McCarthy, aka Ted Cruz. Cruz could care less about these "causes", he's just for anything that would promote Ted Cruz, and where else could you find so many ignorant people than the Tea Party? To show you just how far gone these losers are-the man who got the biggest round of applause all night was that hack has-been, Allen West. He did his usual cheap stunt of saluting the crowd. These right-wingers always try to show people just how patriotic they are, as if these half-baked attempts at saluting or talking about patriots or the "founders" means something. They are phony's and represent a dying breed. The new generation of young people can't relate to these relics of a different and dying age. These right-wingers don't have much of a future, but will always be around because racism and ignorance will never be totally extinguished.