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Ghosty's latest EP offers two pop gems

Cover art
Cover art
Courtesy of Ghosty

Indie pop band Ghosty prefers to release EPs over LPs, but that’s probably because they rather have three to five songs that all are similar in style and share a common theme than put a hodgepodge of songs together on one big album.

O Foolish Pride, Andrew Conner and company’s latest EP, is a prime example of three songs that meld perfectly together. The title track, which opens the EP, is a bit annoying actually. Its main problem is that it’s a repetitive song that seems to sit still.

Conner redeems himself, however, with “Rose-Colored Glasses,” a track that finishes strong with lush, reverberated guitars and a hypnotic lead guitar. It’s evident Conner’s songwriting is better than ever by the final song, “Hey Bill,” which is jangle pop at its best. Think The Might Lemon Drops meets Camera Obscura.

O Foolish Pride is an impressive taste of one of Kansas City’s most established indie pop bands. If you are new to the band, download “Rose-Colored Glasses” and “Hey Bill” from their Bandcamp site right now. Eventually you can catch up with the rest of their catalog later.