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Ghosts of exhibitions past: The Nina Freudenheim & Katherine Sehr Spotlight

'Gold with purple stripe'
'Gold with purple stripe'
Katherine Sehr's Flickr page

Artist Katherine Sehr’s ink on paper drawings were featured at the Nina Freudenheim Gallery back in 2008 and what a pleasure it was! The gallery, located on the first floor of the historic Hotel Lenox, exuded a sophistication very reminiscent of a chic uptown Manhattan space lending itself very well to the selections showcased in this particular show aptly entitled "PAPER THIN WALLS". While many of Serh’s drawings were of large scale, the cozy gallery (with its subdued architectural details, hardwood floors, high ceilings, track lighting and city view) proved itself to be deceivingly adequate for Serh's substantial pieces. The informal elegance of the space allowed Serh's work to simply shine as the pieces flowed from room to room effortlessly. Overall the stylish clean lines of the gallery with its upscale (but not elitist) grace complimented the classy simplicity of the artwork quite nicely.

As for the content of the art itself, agreeably so, one could have read the rhythm of the freehand lines covering the picture plane as manic or obsessive. However, upon closer inspection, the delicate markings illustrated a sense of mesmerizing movement revealing an underlying strength despite its superficial fragility. Not to mention the fact that  the dimensions of the pieces, while commanding, were softened by the artists deliberate color palette selection of beautiful soft hues which served to add a dreamlike quality to the drawings.  A wise decision that rendered the ink drawings strangely restful in spite of their congested compositions. The controlled landscapes would not have been as approachable if every element of the pieces (scale, subject, composition and color) were blaringly anxious or randomly chaotic. No doubt the artist took this into account when she decided to go with a soothing palette. By and large, the gallery space and the exhibition as a whole were well thought out and very well executed. Future collaborations with these two are sure to be a success.  Many kudos to both Nina Freudenheim and Katherine Sehr for a show done with gran élan.

For more on the artist and her  work: Katie Sehr

~ Desirée Crúz-Nevilles


  • Janet Keleher 5 years ago

    Enjoyable read with description depth that caused one to easily visualize the artist's work. I was a bit disappointed that the link to to view the featured artist's work seems to be random photos, some of artwork that does not appear to be anything more than white sheets of paper. This may be a computer issue on my end.

  • Katie Sehr, Artist 5 years ago

    If you would like a comprehensive view of my work please go to