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Ghosts at New Mercer Commons?

New Mercer Commons
New Mercer Commons

Along winding Centre Avenue, between Prospect and Shields, there are many businesses - the main ones being: a giant field of nothing, a medical center, and an assisted-living senior facility. Just before reaching Shields going west is the assisted-living senior facility called New Mercer Commons.

It’s much the same as any senior center - lovely white walls, the friendly and helpful staff, the delicious food…Naturally there’s the one resident who has laughed in the face of convention and health and has refused to grow up, hanging that lovely embroidered sign (more than likely which they themselves made) on their door. “Life is short. Eat dessert first.”

And, indeed, it is short. Some of those residents have personally found out just how short life can be. But those particular residents are past reaching by phone; they have moved on, hopefully to a better tomorrow. Some, however, have not moved on to a better place. In fact, they have not moved on at all.

It’s nearly impossible to have a popular senior center without also having some residents pass away. Such is the case with New Mercer Commons. Strange things have been reported to have happened in various areas of the center, namely the kitchen.

One former employee, Ms. S, was cutting up vegetables for the morning snack when suddenly the bowls stacked behind her in the cart 2-3 feet away toppled over, crashing to the floor. They were stacked just as they were every day. No one had touched them…They were steady. But they had suddenly fallen over for no apparent reason. At least, no reason that was visible to Ms. S and the cook who was working with her that day.

When asked about it, the cook replied that the bowls falling wasn’t the first strange thing to happen there, but he wouldn’t elaborate. Perhaps some residents stayed behind after they died and were now walking the halls of their last home. Perhaps the bowls had only fallen over from some tremor in the floor from someone’s footsteps. The cook had been walking around prior to the incident. Perhaps he had only been trying to scare Ms. S with talk of ghosts. In any case, she didn’t need much convincing after having twenty bowls crash to the floor behind her when nobody was around them.