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Jesus and Mother Mary appear over Switzerland on Google Earth? (Video)

Ghosts, or what look like ghosts, appear out of thin air in a YouTube video capturing a Google Earth view on a mountain road near Walensee, Switzerland. What are they?

Ghostly images appear on Google Earth
Wowforreeel @YouTube

The video, posted by prolific paranormal researcher Wowforreeel, shows the startling image of what appears to be a pair of ghosts popping out of storm clouds ominously churning over the A5 highway and skirting the edge of a Swiss lake.

The figures appear to be wearing cloaks and "walking" alongside one another. The smaller spectre is wearing a red cloak and seems to have its head bowed. The larger, shrouded in black, towers into the clouds, looking straight ahead.

In fact, the images seem similar to classic portrayals of holy figures depicted in paintings for centuries. No doubt, true believers might even see Jesus shadowed by his mother Mary.

No matter the explanation, which is more likely to be some kind of digital imaging glitch, rather than some ghostly spirits guarding a patch of sky, the effect is quite chilling.

And just in time for Halloween.

Click the video link to have a look.

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