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Ghosts and clutter, oh my

It is Halloween time so why not have some fun with a class offered through Colorado Free University (CFU) called Ghost Hunting 101: Searching for the Paranormal. J. Allan Danelek leads a class that provides “a fascinating and balanced look at the remarkable world of the paranormal designed to answer your most basic questions. A must for both the novice ghost hunter and those who just want to understand more about an increasingly popular and always mysterious subject.” He will also sign copies of his book entitled A Case for Ghosts. $61 Non-Member $49 Member $14 optional materials fee payable in class. One Sunday, 1-3:30 p.m. 10/31 at the Lowry Campus. Class # 4115Y

Decluttering and organizing your life is not only helpful on the physical level, but also the mental and spiritual levels. By allowing the energies to freely flow in you living and work spaces, you take one giant step toward opening the door to new opportunities. To that end, another class offered at CFU is Organize Your Life!: Secrets for Success from the Pros. “Discover four ways clutter and disorganization can impact your life in terms of time, money, health and safety. A Major Mom professional organizer will teach you the basic five-step process professional organizers use and demonstrate how a professional organizer can get you from start to finish faster than you'd ever be able to yourself.” $41 Non-Member $29 Member, One Sat., 9 a.m.-noon 11/6 at the CFU campus. Class #1689BP9

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Caryn Colgan
Artist, Author and
Founder of The Artsy Party


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