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GHOSTour to Prague one year away

GHOSTour Travelers
GHOSTour Travelers
Rose, Tours of Terror

GHOSTour to Prague, May 3-10, 2015 is the Haunted Vacation for travelers of all ages: a spooktacular, unforgettable week-long adventure to one of the scariest and most notorious locales in Europe.

Prague is one of the most supernatural cities, with a history rich in magic, murder and the mysterious. For many years it has been a magnet for students of the occult and in the 16th & 17th centuries it was a meeting point for alchemists and astrologers. The architecture of Prague is covered in esoteric symbols which can reveal many secrets to those who know how to read them.

Prague is the destination in Europe that most ghost-hunters, paranormal investigators and monster mavens want to visit and explore. This ancient city with a history that dates back over one thousand years is the prime place to spot a ghost! With an array of twisting cobblestone streets and large street lamps the night falls quickly in this historic city complete with dancing shadows and the distinct feeling of the fantastic; surely any element of the surreal can take place! The Czech lands are full of magical stories about legends, myths and ghosts.

With such a magnificent city center loaded with ornate bridges and architecture, one would never know that this stunning city has a dark secret – a violent and sinister past that still haunts it to this day – literally. Look beyond the treasures which are visible on first sight on the streets. Beneath the town is another city. The one from before -- the Underground! In the Old Town, the tour will visit the Underground, and also. . .
Prague Castle
Prague Castle is the city’s most popular attraction. It was the home of Emperor Charles IV and his four wives in the 1600’s and is still occupied to this day. The Castle is like a maze connecting several buildings, cathedrals and courtyards. The crypts in the castle are still open today for those willing to go in the deep, dark, and dusty lower levels where the ghosts of the wives are said to still bicker amongst themselves.
Old Royal Castle
Nearby is the Old Royal Castle where two Catholic governors were thrown out of a high window to fall to their deaths in 1618 by a Protestant leader. This incident is the event that triggered the Thirty Years War. The bitter ghosts of the governors are said to roam the area seeking revenge for the wrongs committed against them.
Jewish Quarter
Famed author Franz Kafka was often inspired by the old Jewish Quarter in Prague. The Alt-Neu Synagogue is where thousands of Jews where brutally murdered before & during the World War 2. The graveyard behind the synagogue contains bodies of over 12,000 killed Jews. The bodies are sometimes stacked twelve to fifteen deep, as there was a law preventing the bodies of the Jews to be buried outside of this solemn Jewish ghetto. You will also learn about the Golem!
Astronomical Clock
Built in 1410 and visited by tourists worldwide. Visit The Museum of Torture Instruments or thevirtuous monks of the Emauzy Monastery, also Charles Bridge, upon which are placed statues of Saints associated with the city. One of the saints met a truly unholy end at the hands of none other than the King of the land. Deep within Prague’s many tunnels and secret chambers may lie the weirdest of all of Prague paranormal denizens.

In Prague there is no doubt that you will feel some type of spiritual force. There’s a reason that Prague is almost always depicted as a city of villains in action movies – the city has a mysterious past and some things never change. GHOSTour of Prague promises to be a weird and wooly wonderous week of horrors and fun, from the people who bring you the Dracula Tours to Transylvania!!

Combine all this with independent late-night séances, visits to graveyards, on-board classic ghost & genre films, a mad monster mash masquerade ball farewell party and other surprises, and you've got what is one of the most memorable macabre tours in haunted history.

Be sure to visit the GHOSTour website for further information, and to read past tour reports.

Info: (203) 795-4737


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