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Ghostly visitor appears in teen's selfie

Teenager finds a ghostly visitor in a selfie
Teenager finds a ghostly visitor in a selfie
Lauren Saunders

A teenager was taking photos of herself with her cell phone and after she reviewed the images, she noticed something strange in one of the photos with her. The girl's mother sent the photo to the paranormal website Ghost Study to be analyzed.

Karisa Saunders of Tulsa, Oklahoma recently submitted a photo to Ghost Study that she believes might be proof of the supernatural. In the photo, an eerie face is seen peering over Saunders' daughter Lauren.

"My daughter Lauren went to stay the night at a new friend’s house in Berryhill, Oklahoma and took this self-picture. It was a front snap shot picture, no mirror or anything to reflect. It looks like a man’s face to the left and her friend was sitting on the bed to the right of the picture. We are about to enlist the help of a medium who is a distant relative to help explain this strange appearance in the picture. My daughter took this photo with a Galaxy III cell phone. It might be relevant to mention that three family members have passed away in the last year. Her grandfather being one that died last," Saunders said to Jim Eaton of Ghost Study.

Some people believe that the ghostly face might be caused by visual paredolia due to objects in the background or it could been edited in from a cell phone application. Other people think that it might actually be a spirit that is attached to the teenager.

"I doubt that it's a relative of Lauren's, especially since she's at her friends house and not at home. The odds would be greater that her friend's house is haunted and the resident ghost just happens to be checking out the the fresh new visitor. So I think the big question should be, did anyone ask if the the friend's house was haunted?" Eaton said in response to the photo.

What do you think the ghostly face is? Is it an illusion from objects in the background? Is it a hoax? Could it be a ghost? Post your opinion in the comment section below.

For more ghostly photos and scary stories, visit Ghost Study's website and be sure to check out Jim Eaton's book The Best Of Ghosts Caught On Film.

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