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Ghostly females: Yuki-Onna

Yuki-Onna is a Japanese snow ghost
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Yuki-Onna is a female ghost from Japanese folklore. Yuki-Onna means Snow woman. Other names for his ghost include; Yuki- Musume (Snow Daughter), Yuki-Nyobo (Snow Wife), and Yuki-Anesa (Snow Older Sister). The name of this ghost varies depending on where she is seen.

The Snow Ghost is said to approach stranded travelers during snow storms. It has been said that she uses her icy breath to freeze her victims. It has also been told that she sometimes lures her victims away so they will get lost and die from exposure to the winds and snow of the storm. Some people also believe this spirit can drain her victim’s life forces. Most of The Snow Ghost’s targets are said to be weak-minded men.

Snow ghost appearance:

Yuki-Onna is usually described in the same way. She is usually depicted as being a tall, thin woman with flowing black hair and pale white skin. The Snow Ghost is always seen wearing a kimono. Her kimono is usually described as being white in color and too thin for the winter weather. On a few accounts, Yuki-Onna was said to have hair as white as her skin. She is described as being young and beautiful. When the Snow ghost feels threatened, she changes into a cloud of snow or mist.

Where can the Snow Ghost be found?

Although Yuki-Onna is usually spotted in northern parts of Japan, witnesses have reported sighting from this ghost in other areas of Japan as well. The Snow Ghost is usually spotted on the nights of full moons. This spirit has also been known to show herself when there is a fresh layer of snow. Yuki-Onna does not leave footprints in the snow; she seems to glide just above the ground as she moves.

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