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Ghostly females: Bloody Mary

It is said a mirror can be used to call upon Bloody Mary
It is said a mirror can be used to call upon Bloody Mary
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The tale of Bloody Mary is one of the most well-known female ghost legends. Many individuals have stood in front of a mirror while saying her name multiple times in a row just to see what would happen. This game was popular during slumber parties in the past. There are a couple of variations to the Bloody Mary legend.

Bloody Mary the herbalist

The first tale about Bloody Mary states that she was an herbalist that lived in isolation deep in a forest. Mary would make herbal remedies and sell them to individuals in her community and surrounding villages. As time passed, people started accusing Mary of being a witch. They believed that she worshipped the devil and planned to curse the people who lived in the nearby village. When word of Mary and her use of witchcraft got around, people stopped buying her herbal remedies. People avoided her all together.

A village girl went missing. The people of the community searched for her, but couldn’t find her anywhere. The villagers suspected that the herbalist took the girl. Not long after the first girl went missing, other girls started to disappear from the village. Mary was questioned about the disappearances, but said that she knew nothing. No evidence was found that would support the claims that the herbalist had taken the children. However, it was noted that Mary looked a little younger than she had looked before.

Not long after Mary’s questioning another young girl was spotted leaving her house after bedtime on night. Her mother noticed her leaving and notified the girl’s father. The child was walking towards the woods. Her father attempted to stop her several times, but was unable too. The noise has woken the nearby neighbors and they also tried to stop the girl.

The adults followed the girl into the woods. They noticed a strange light and, as they got closer, they spotted the herbalist standing by a tree holding a wand that was aimed right at the girl. Mary’s body was glowing with the evil that she was using to lure the girl to her.

The villagers started to chase Mary and she ran to safety. The young girl’s father shot Mary with his gun and the witch fell down making her capture easy. The group of villagers carried Mary to a field where they constructed a stake and tied Mary to it. They built a fire and burned the herbalist at the stake. While she was burning Mary vowed that if anyone said her name while staring into a reflective surface, she would get her revenge on that person.

It is said that after Mary’s death, her home was investigated. They found the unmarked graves of all of the missing children. It was concluded that Mary was using their blood to make a potion that would keep her looking young.

Bloody Mary the adulteress

The second tale of Bloody Mary is similar to the first. Mary was an herbalist who lived deep in the forest. She sold her concoctions to villagers to earn a living. Mary was a beautiful women and the men of the village seemed to be enchanted by her looks. The women that lived in the village called Mary ugly and said that she would never find a husband or have children.

The children began disappearing and Mary was the main suspect. The villagers couldn’t prove that the herbalist had taken the children. One night one of the village girls takes off into the woods and the villagers could do nothing to stop her. Mary was caught luring the child to her with a wand. Mary’s body was aglow with the same evil light from the first tale.

When Mary heard the villagers approaching she took off through the woods. The townspeople met up with the herbalist at her cabin and took her into custody. Mary screamed her curses at the women of the village while they were taking her from her home.

During the trials, it became obvious that Mary was with child. She wouldn’t say who the father of the baby was and was tried a second time for adultery. Mary claimed that the pregnancy came from Immaculate Conception and the judge stated that the baby was the child of the devil. The baby was sentenced to death upon delivery. Mary was sentenced to a slash across the face with a piece of glass. One slash from each of the women that Mary had stolen a child from.

Calling Bloody Mary

There are a couple of ways to call upon Bloody Mary. The first is to say her name 3 to 10 times in a mirror. Some people believe that the bathroom light should be off and switched back on after the name is repeated for the last time. Another way to call upon Bloody Mary is to say “Mary, I killed your baby” a minimum of three times.

It is said that when Mary appears, her face still shows the slashes that the mothers of the missing children put on her face. It has been told that Mary will slash the face of the person who calls on her, drive the person insane, take the person into the mirror, murder the person in the same way that Mary was murdered, or haunt the person every time she looks in a mirror until the day the person dies.

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