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'Ghostbusters 3' news: Production start date, plot, and more revealed

Dan Aykroyd reveals the production start date for Ghostbusters 3.
Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

"Ghostbusters 3" is closer to coming to a big screen near you. It has been a long time coming, and fans might actually see Sony green light this film in the near future. Dan Aykroyd stopped by "The Today Show" on Monday morning to talk about the film, and he shared the production start date for the feature film. The Daily Superhero shared the latest on this film on July 21

Dan Aykroyd is ready to bring back the ghost busting suits. He originally brought the characters and story to life 30 years ago and production on this third film is set to begin next spring. This comes from Aykroyd himself. He revealed the information during an interview on the "Today" on Monday morning. He also took a moment to remember the start of production for the first film. Production started, and people in New York City were curious about the suits and the men wearing them. He said the following:

"The first day we went out and were stealing shots all over Manhattan. No permits, nothing. But when the actors strapped on their big ghostbusting 'rigs,' it was pandemonium. Because people didn't know what we were yet. And here we are with the packs and the tube, that green tube that we have there. You know what that's for?"

This third film will feature most of the original cast. The only cast member not able to join the lineup is Harold Ramis. He died in February, and his death created problems for the feature. The script needed to be re-written. Ivan Reitman worked behind the camera for the first two films, and he was supposed to return for the third film. He left the project after Ramis' death. He did help those involved with the project to find a new director though. Etan Cohen worked as director on "Men in Black 3" and "Tropic Thunder."

A member of the cast did reveal the plot of the third film. It will focus on the next generation of ghost busters. Sigourney Weaver returned for the film, and she made it clear that she would only return for "Ghostbusters 3" if her son featured in the films grew up to be a ghost buster himself. That was already planned, so her return was cemented.

What about Bill Murray? Will he return for the new film? Rick Moranis, Ernie Hudson, and Aykroyd all spoke out publicly about their return, but Murray has not. In fact, according to Christian Post, the actor would not even look at a script. He could change his mind, but it is likely that he will not appear in the third film.

"Ghostbusters" and its sequel "Ghostbusters 2" are listed among the iconic films of the 1980s. The giant Stay Puft marshmallow man is one of those moments every movie man remembers. "Ghostbusters 3" has been in the works for the last few years. Fans waiting for the film can rest a little easier now though. Sony just needs to give the official thumbs-up for the film. That is likely to happen after this new news from Dan Aykroyd.

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