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'Ghostbusters 3' may hand proton pack to women team, target director Paul Feig

"Ghostbusters 3" has been in limbo for more than a decade now, and there is so much confusion as to whether the film will ever happen. A few weeks ago, Dan Aykroyd confirmed that filming would take place in 2015, but not much else was known. Cinema Blend reported on Aug. 2, 2014, that some new info may have come to light and it could include an all-women team.

Could an all-women team take the "Ghostbusters" franchise into the future?

The Hollywood Reporter stated that Paul Feig, director of "Bridesmaids," is now the ultimate target to helm "Ghostbusters 3." He's now jumped into the driver's seat to land the job after expressing his interest in the project.

Nothing is official and there have been no talks as of yet though.

With these rumors of Feig jumping into the director's chair though, there is now talk that the "Ghostbusters" franchise could see a reboot with an all-women team.

Back in mid-March, Ivan Reitman officially left the project of "Ghostbusters 3," and the search for a new director was on. This happened after Harold Ramis passed away in February, and it was thought that the project would never happen after his death.

Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, directors of "22 Jump Street," were reported as directing it, but those proved to be false. Rumors flew around that Jonah Hill and Emma Stone would star in "Ghostbusters 3," but no truth came from that either.

There was a script in place a few years ago, and it was written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitksy, writers of "The Office" on NBC. That script was then revised after Ramis' death and told of the original team of Ghostbusters handing the proton packs onto a new crew.

Dan Aykroyd has always been on board for the third film, but Bill Murray has always wavered and never committed.

Feig has worked with Melissa McCarthy on a number of occasions, and that includes the currently-being-filmed "Spy." There's no word on whether or not he would include McCarthy in "Ghostbusters 3" if he should land the job.

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