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Ghost under couple's bed turns out to be a knife-wielding woman high on meth

Ghost under couple's bed turns out to be a knife-wielding woman high on meth
Ghost under couple's bed turns out to be a knife-wielding woman high on meth
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A Washington couple came home to find their apartment trashed one night last week. At first the couple thought that paranormal activity could be a factor and that a ghost might have rampaged the place, Complex reported yesterday.

Brian and Bridget O'Neill of Seattle, Washington came home late last week and were amazed to find their apartment a mess. There was some type of liquid smeared on the doorknobs and door handles, a can of paint was found dumped into the toilet, and all of the mail had been opened.

The odd thing about the situation is that nothing had been taken and all of their valuables were still in the home. The couple called the police and when the authorities arrived, they were baffled and had no idea what had occurred. The O'Neills started to wonder if a ghost had caused the destruction.

Police officers stuck around for about an hour trying to piece together what had happened but they couldn't figure it out so they left. When the O'Neills were cleaning, Bridget noticed that the soles of about two dozen of her shoes had been torn out. Brian noticed that all of their electronics had been placed upon the bed.

Brian was cleaning up the bedroom floor when he heard a noise coming from under the bed. At first he thought it was a wounded animal.

"It was a noise coming from something alive. It sounded like a dying possum or raccoon. I had only heard wounded animals make that kind of noise before," Brian said.

Bridget thought that it might be one of their cats, but Brian had located both of the cats. The O'Neills left the house when the noises started to get louder. They called the cops again.

Officers returned to the O'Neill's apartment and searched the house. They found a skinny knife-wielding woman that was in the bedroom hiding under the bed.

According to police, the woman admitted to being high on meth and she was hiding in fear because of a drug-induced paranoia. Arresting officers said that she was using the knife to cut apart the bed to remove the box springs. The space under the bed was barely a foot high but there was plenty of room for the 5-foot-7 and 90 pound woman to hide.

"When I saw that it was a woman, my reality suddenly kind of shifted. My wife pretty much collapsed on the stairwell. I thought it was one of the skinniest people I have ever seen," Brian said.

The O'Neills also found the woman's hair scattered throughout their apartment and a hypodermic in the sheets of their bed. Despite the scary situation that took place in the apartment, the couple doesn't plan to move.

"Rather than use the knife to pop out and murder us, she was using the knife to deconstruct the box springs of the bed. Honestly, I feel kind of bad for her. This woman was so tiny and not together, it’s hard to be mad. If you describe yourself as being on a meth rampage, you’re probably in bad shape. I feel like regular old meth is bad enough," Bridget said.

What would be a more frightening find, encountering a real ghost or a finding a meth head? Sound off with opinions in the comment section.

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