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Ghost sighting in central Springfield

12th and E Street, Springfield, Oregon
12th and E Street, Springfield, Oregon
Jessie Reynaga

If you live on E Street, between 12th and 14th streets, this story might already sound familiar to you, but if you haven't heard, congratulations, your neighbors think they've seen a ghost. 

A residential area tucked between Mohawk and Pioneer, E Street avoids much of the traffic that passes parallel on Main Street and Centennial Boulevard.  Located near the Washburn District, which is known for its historic homes, many of the houses on this part of E Street have witnessed up to 80 years of events in what once used to be the heart of a thriving mill community.

According to reports, a figure dressed in dark clothes, appears on the left side of the road if you are heading West toward Eugene, and startles commuters that pass through the area in the later evening hours of the day.  In one instance, a local resident recalled seeing the figure from a distance over 50 feet as he approached in his car, disappear immediately as he drove past.  He claims that it is not the first time he has seen the figure, but both times overcome with fear and anxiety from the event. 

In other instances, people say that they have come close to hitting the figure, never able to make out any facial details, but definitely distracted from the road due to a curiosity invoked by the subjects demeanor and strange posture.  "I'm not afraid to go through that area," says a neighbor from a nearby home, "but I know to stay alert now when I do."

At this time or until more information is received, the figure will be known simply as the "E Street Unwelcomer," and will likely resume distracting drivers who frequent the area.