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"Ghost" Orchid

The beautiful White Holy Ghost Orchid
The beautiful White Holy Ghost Orchid
Courtesy of Google Images

Looking for a perfect Easter gift for your ghost hunting friends? Here is something new to think about this spring.

Peristeria is a plant belonging to the family Orchidaceas, and is also called the Holy “Ghost” Orchid, “Ghost” Orchid, or Dove Orchid. Besides the common name, the genus' name is from the Greek word peristerion meaning "from dove". This flower has a beautiful hidden creature inside the bloom; in this case, it is an entire white dove. The bird looks exquisitely carved in an almost Holy “wing stretched” open flight pose. It is hard to believe it has been grown by nature.

Peristeria eleta (meaning high or lofty) is the national flower of Panama. In its native habitat, Peristeria can usually be found growing near the edge of hardwood forests. In the fall, after the trees in the hardwood forest lose their leaves, the plants are exposed to full sun throughout the cool, dry winter. Species in this genus are either epiphytic or terrestrial in growth habit.

Florists across the country in 1898 were offering the expensive white orchid—the blossom which appeared to be a miniature snowy dove—as the most important feature of the flower shows at Easter. It was the most extravagant floral gift one could purchase at the time ranging from $200 to $500. The flowers were often arranged in a wicker baskets shaped like doves, and cornucopias that could later be used as handbags by the ladies after the beauty of the flowers had diminished.

You can still purchase a Holy “Ghost” Orchid today. Your local florist you can send a fabulous flower arrangement to your Easter sweeties for a price of $35.00 and up. Say goodbye to the tulips, daffodils, and lilies. And, say a big hello to the Holy “Ghost” Orchid this Easter holiday. The more you send, the more chocolate bunnies you will most likely receive in return!