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GHOST on Eldridge: Where Souls Meet


Woodward Gallery has been a NYC institution for over 20 years. Owners John and Kristine Woodward intended to create another local relaxed environment to host their art patrons.

GHOST is an Art Lounge located directly across the street from Woodward Gallery at 132A Eldridge Street, New York.
The concept is taken from a photo and eyewitness accounts of a Ghostly apparition in front of the space when it was first built! Today it is where art enthusiasts, the press, and the community come together in the neighborhood over craft Beer, custom Cocktails and fine Wine.

This contemporary, intimate Art Bar/Lounge features Woodward Gallery's Project Space on the exterior wall and rotating original street art throughout the interior. Guests are able to enjoy drinks within an art gallery atmosphere. The GHOST bartenders make truly inspired cocktails and are continuously mixing new recipes to serve on and off the menu!

GHOST's Cocktails are to die over featuring Death's Door Spirits and other premium liquors combined with custom GHOST house- infusions. GHOST serves a varied Wine list from the oldest vine on the East coast, Benmarl Vineyards, in addition to an extensive bottled, craft Beer selection.

GHOST NYC is the coolest bar on the planet that stays up to date with the chilliest of cocktails, infused and made from scratch by the uber talented bartenders, Bo Katzakian and Mike (Lazer) Phillips. Bo and team maintain a relaxed, calm and soothing environment at all times, making sure each guest is taken care of and never invincible. The music is a perfect fit, sounds and tunes that never reach an annoying level or feel as if you're at a party bar. The entire vibe and philosophy of GHOST NYC is trendy, sexy and all about the souls wandering in and out of the bar.

The unique atmosphere at GHOST is the perfect spot to visit with friends -or make new ones – after all, it is where souls meet.

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