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Ghost of woman appears in photo of a man's co-worker, is this an angel?

A ghost of a woman, which is seen in the background of a picture that a man snapped of his co-worker, has gone viral today. The ghostly apparition has long hair and a veil, but is it just a play on the lighting in the room or the real thing?

Ghost picture believed to be an angel as a man just got babtized and married.
Image source: KCAL-TV screen shot

According to Pastor Danny Goia fro the First Romanian Pentecostal Church in Anaheim, California, this picture is the real thing and many of his church members think it is too. The man who took this picture, only identified as Radu, is a new member of Goia's church and he believes that this is an angel that is guarding the man, according to The Blaze on Feb. 7.

Radu took the ghost picture to the pastor and that is when this man of the cloth shared it with the other parishioners. The First Romanian Pentecostal Church baptized Radu and his wife-to-be, both who are new members. After the pastor married the couple, it was the following day that this picture was taken.

Is this a ghost of a woman, an angel or just the way the lights happen to reflect off of the surroundings? Check out the video above of another incident of a ghostly apparition showing up in a picture in the London subway system.

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