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Ghost in New Hampshire store smashes plate: Video gone viral

A ghost in a New Hampshire store, or some type of paranormal activity, was caught on the surveillance camera and the video has gone viral. The footage from that camera at the Ellacoya Country Store in Gilford, New Hampshire shows a plate being pushed off a counter and smashing to the floor. The problem here is that there wasn’t a soul around this plate when it happened, reports Fox News Latino on March 25.

Ghost in New Hampshire store smashes plate: Video gone viral as store's camera catches the entire event!
YouTube screen shot

According to “Fox and Friends” live on Wednesday morning, the store owner is starting to believe that what his employees have been saying all along may be true. As you can see on the video, the employee leaves the room and a plate is pushed off the counter with force. You then see it smash to the ground and the employee runs into the room after hearing the noise.

She finds the plate, but there is no one around that could have dropped it. Upon reviewing the surveillance camera, the plate is seen coming off the counter all by itself and smashing to the ground. People have been saying the place is haunted for years, but the store owner Steve Buzzota was a skeptic. He may have changed his mind after seeing the footage of the plate.

Needless to say since the video went online, he has been inundated with calls from ghost hunting folks and people with all types of paranormal investigating backgrounds. So far two of the researchers have identified the ghosts as a 14-year-old girl and her father, who were trampled by horses in early New England. The store was built in 1890, so it has had plenty of time to collect restless souls.

The video is quite convincing, as the plate does seem to get pushed, but there is no one there to push it. The other objects around the plate stay perfectly still as this plate meets its demise on the floor. What do you think, is this the real deal?

The store owner appeared on "Fox and Friends" Wednesday morning and he appears to be telling the truth, as he looks just as stunned by this as everyone else!

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