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Ghost moves chair and table in theater: Watch viral video, it freaked out owners

A ghost in a theater moves and chair and a table, this is seen on a surveillance camera when the theater is closed. The video has gone viral today in what looks like solid proof of something paranormal going on in this theater after hours, according to “Fox and Friends” live Wednesday morning, July 30.

Ghost moves table and chair in theater, late at night after it is closed. This is caught on the theater's security camera.
YouTube screen shot

Before It’s News reports that the Brookside Theater in Romford, Essex in the U.K. has always been known for feeling a bit haunted inside the old building, but now there seems to be proof that the feeling has an origin. What the owners saw on a surveillance video has done more than just spook them, it freaked them out a bit.

The closed circuit surveillance camera caught a chair and a table moving at about 4 a.m. when the building was dark and vacant. First a chair moves on its own and it moved in a way that you’d expect to see if someone first sat down and then got out of the chair.

The chair moved too much for it to be a tremor or some type of building disturbance and the other chairs around this one stayed perfectly still. A few minutes later a table at the top of the room is seen moving, as if someone had pushed it.

You can also see a good number of orbs fly through the room as the chair and table move. Members of the staff know all too well about the things that go bump in the night at this theater. They report things happening to them over the two years the theater has called this building home. This footage was filmed on Sunday at the Brookside Theater.

Previously one of the stage crew members saw an apparition backstage. Another stage crew member claims he was once pushed into a toilet by an unseen force.

This gets even spookier as a child’s footprint was found near the chair that moved, so the ghost playing around in this video is thought to be that of a child. This is not the first time a foot print of a child has been seen in the theater. Periodically a child’s footprints have been seen in the foyer.

Mail Online reports that one of the venues at this theater is a psychic show. In fact one had just finished up hours before this video footage was captured. Psychic Roy Roberts claims “Now we have direct proof of the paranormal.”

The building formally housed a war memorial from WWII and a senior citizens social club after that. Two years ago the building was turned into a theater and they had a packed house hours before this ghost came out to move furniture.

Are the ghosts conjuring in a place where psychic energy is felt on a frequent basis? Take a look at the video above and you decide. You have to admit the video is eerie.

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