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‘Ghost Inside My Child’ seeks stories of children with past life memories

"Ghost Inside My Child Casting Call
"Ghost Inside My Child Casting Call

The hit series “Ghost Inside My Child” has been renewed for eight new episodes in the fall of 2014, says Sandra Alvarez, supervising producer at Joke Productions during a phone call on Feb. 18. It is currently seeking parents and families with children between 2 and 17 who have experienced past life memories to share their story on national television.

The show features real families dealing with the discovery that their child may have lived a previous lifetime with the goal to shed light on this very real phenomenon affecting thousands of families worldwide.

“Ghost Inside My Child” debuted on the BIO channel last season, earning the honor of the highest rated television series in the history of the BIO channel, says Alvarez. It will move to LMN beginning in the fall of 2014. Filming is scheduled for the summer, but there is still time to share your story for consideration for next season.

  • Last season’s lineup ranged from children who remembered being on the sinking Titanic or dying in the 9-11 tragedy to memories of being in heaven and choosing a new mother. A common theme among the children portrayed was the onset of nightmares at an early age – typically involving death or other violent content – and knowledge of events and places the child could not have known about in this lifetime.

Many of these amazing children provided vivid details of events and circumstances from prior lives that have been verified through research. Parents and family members are left with no choice but to believe their child possesses the reincarnated soul of someone who died long ago.

Children who talk about when they were older or about events in another lifetime may be providing you with valuable clues that they too are reincarnated souls from other lifetimes. If you, or someone you know, has a story to tell about a child between the ages of 2 and 17 (or was between 2 and 17 at the time) who experienced eerie memories or knowledge of a previous lifetime, stop by ‘Ghost Inside My Child’ and answer their casting call.


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