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Ghost hunting on a budget

Not every paranormal investigator started out with the fanciest of ghost hunting gadgets, gizmos and toys. Many were not able to afford the best in technology and most started with a simple point and shoot camera, a notepad and digital voice recorder. (Some did not even have that when they started.) Just because you are not able to afford top dollar ghost hunting equipment does not mean that you cannot effectively conduct a paranormal investigation. All you need are some basic items and you are good to go.

The number one thing to remember that ghost hunting is not about the equipment. Capturing evidence is not 100 percent reliant upon having the best camera or the highest quality voice recorder. Sure, it helps with the quality of the evidence captured, but is not the reason why we are able to successfully capture an entity’s image in a photograph. More than 95 percent of a successful paranormal investigation is being in the right place at the right time. There is no magical tool that can summon a ghost every time. It is a matter of knowing where to look and being there when an entity decides to make an appearance.

When going on a paranormal investigation it is suggested that you take a few pieces of equipment. Sometimes the necessary equipment can be found in thrift stores or online for a reduced price. Check around and determine is a used piece of equipment might be more affordable to you. Items to look for include a small camera with a flash, a voice recorder (can be digital or analog), flashlight and lots of batteries. If there is still some room left on your ghost hunting budget, purchase an inexpensive EMF detector. But the last piece of equipment can wait until you can afford it or make the decision you want to continue exploring the paranormal world.

When starting off as a paranormal investigator we suggest you stop yourself from buying thousands of dollars of equipment. Wait until you have conducted a few investigations and have determined if the paranormal field is something you wish to pursue. Once you know this is what you want to do, you can start upgrading all of your equipment.

Happy haunting!

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