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Ghost hunting in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

The Haunted Cottage - Booth House - Harpers Ferry, WV
The Haunted Cottage - Booth House - Harpers Ferry, WV

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, may be a small town, but it's also one that's steeped in a somewhat bloody history. Embark on one of the town's guided tours and learn how abolitionist John Brown attempted to help stop slavery, or how George Washington set up an armory for his troops during the Civil War. These historic happenings may also help explain why the town of Harpers Ferry has reports of haunted sightings each year.

Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry

According to the Ghost Tours of Harpers Ferry website, this is one of the oldest ghost tours in America, having started around 1970. Tours take place in the evening, Monday through Saturday, and are conducted by the town's historian, Rick Garland. The stories told and locations visited on the tour are based on a book written by author Shirley Dougherty, in addition to decades of recorded reports from the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

While on this walking tour, you'll visit a number of ghostly hot spots where activity has been reported by various witnesses. You'll also learn of legendary Harpers Ferry events, including violent incidents during the Civil War and the slavery raid. The tour lasts approximately an hour and a half, and it's recommended you wear good walking shoes and layered clothing. Cameras and flashlights are allowed and recommended.

The Haunted Cottage

Also known as the Booth House because John Wilkes Booth once stayed here, this haunted cottage in Harpers Ferry is run by paranormal investigator Vince Wilson. Using The Haunted Cottage as a base of operations, Wilson holds overnight paranormal investigations within the town. Paranormal investigator workshops are also available for anyone interested in getting into the paranormal research field.

On overnight investigations, guests stay the weekend in Harpers Ferry and work alongside Wilson and other members of the Harpers Ferry Society for Paranormal Research (HFSPR). You'll investigate the Booth House for a full 24 hours, as well as other locations. You'll learn how to use various paranormal detection and research devices and video equipment. Wilson requires a minimum of four people per investigation.

Harpers Ferry Paranormal

Led by author and seasoned paranormal investigator Vince Wilson, Harpers Ferry Paranormal ghost tours are an educational yet fun adventure in the heart of the town. Wilson has been investigating the paranormal for over 10 years, studying with several different researchers in the United States. Haunted tours are available throughout the year and last approximately two and a half hours.

Interested parties first sign in at the local KOA Kampstore and then meet at the adjacent Hilltop House Hotel parking lot to begin the tour. You'll visit the Hilltop House Hotel and learn of its spooky history and numerous ghost sightings over the years. Other locations you'll visit include Harpers Ferry National Park and the ruins of the local Episcopalian Church. It's advised you wear comfortable shoes, bring along something to eat and drink and dress in warm clothes.

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