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There is more to conducting a paranormal investigation than just showing up and collecting data. Some of the best paranormal investigators have worked hard, spending countless hours training, practicing and learning about the paranormal world. Knowing the different terms and definitions are just the beginning to becoming a seasoned paranormal investigator.

Here is a list of paranormal definitions to better help you prepare to become a paranormal investigator.

Ecto: Also known as ectoplasm
Ectoplasm: The wispy, white vapor created when a spirit tries to manifest. Often looks like clouds with swirls or streaks running through them. Generally not seen by the naked eye, but are often caught on video or in photographs.
Electromagnetic Field: Also referred to as EMF. This is the force field associated with the movement of electrical charges. It is believed that paranormal entities are able to create these fields.

  • Electromagnetism: A field of magnetism is created when an electrical charge is in motion.
  • Electronic Voice Phenomena: Also referred to as an EVP. This is when a voice not heard during an investigation is captured on a video recorder.
  • Electrostatic Energy: This is when electric charges remain stationary.
  • EMF: Also known as electromagnetic field
  • Entity: Spirits of human, animal or nonhuman forms.
  • Epicenter: This is the center of where all of the paranormal activity is coming from.
  • ESP: Also known as extrasensory perception
  • Etheric body: A massless body double of a living being.
  • EVP: Also known as electronic voice phenomena
  • Exorcism: Is a religious ceremony that is commonly used to ride a home, person or object of evil spirits and/or demons.
  • Exorcist: The person who conducts an exorcism.
  • Extrasensory Perception: Also referred to as ESP. This is when someone is able to perceive things originating from non-traditional methods of sensing things and is most often through paranormal means.

Hopefully this helps you get started on your road to learning how to become a paranormal investigator.

Happy haunting!

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