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Ghost hunting ABCs: D

Those interested in the field of paranormal study spend a lot of time researching and gathering evidence. For many, the time spent researching is necessary to prove or disprove claims of paranormal activity. When starting out as a paranormal investigator it is important you are knowledgeable and understand the many different terms that may be thrown out while researching and investigating.

To continue through the glossary of paranormal terms, here are those that start with D:

  • Demon - A nonhuman entity that is more commonly known for its tormenting of humans.
  • Dimensional discontinuity - A universe parallel to ours where portals may be created when the two universes align properly.
  • Doppleganger - This is when a person has a body double in the spirit world. This is also referred to when there are two living body doubles.
  • Dowsing - This ghost hunting technique is conducted by using two rods to help locate spirit energies.
  • Dowsing rods - The pair of metal rods used when dowsing. Some believe that these rods are more reliable than the EMF detectors that are commonly used.
  • Dream communication - This occurs when recently passes spirits try to communicate with their loved ones.

Hope these definitions give you a start and you are more prepared to become a paranormal investigator.

Happy haunting!

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